227-211-20 Mitutoyo Outside Micrometer, Digimatic

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The ABSOLUTE Digimatic Micrometer, Model Number 227-211-20, features a constant and low measuring force mechanism in the thimble. This adjustable measuring force allows for the measurement of various types of work materials. The micrometer also includes a measurement-value hold function, which automatically retains data at a specified measuring force for increased accuracy

It comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
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○ Constant and low measuring force mechanism in the thimble
○ Adjustable measuring force accommodates various kind of work materials
○ The measurement-value hold function automatically retains the data at a specified measuring force, ensuring accuracy
○ Non-rotating spindle and the new ratchet friction thimble
○ Speedy spindle feed of 10 mm/rev. and 0.4” /rev for inch/metric model
○ With absolute linear scale
○ With SPC data output
○ Supplied in fitted plastic case
○ Origin-set
○ Power ON/OFF
○ Data hold, Data output
Range (0 to 0.6)”
Resolution 0.001 mm /0.00005″
Accuracy ± 0.0001″
Measuring Force (0.5 to 2.5) N
Flatness 0.3 µm / 0.000012”
Parallelism 2 µm / 0.00008”
Battery 938882
Display LCD
Mass 300 g

Micrometer Absolute Digimatic

Battery 938882
Battery life 3 years under normal use
937387 SPC cable 1 m / 40″
965013 SPC cable 2 m / 80″

○ A Certificate of Calibration is included when calibration services are ordered from MRM Metrology Inc.
○ Use CAL 227-211-20 when requesting calibration services from MRM Metrology.

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227-211-20 Mitutoyo Outside Micrometer, Digimatic

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