Get a great deal on one of the best compact amplifiers from Mahr manufacturer at MRM.

Here some of the best features of the Mahr Amplifier

○ Compact, handy and simple to operate.
○ Extremely precise and easy to read due to the large clearly defined analog or digital display.
○ Single, sum and differential measurement;limit switches and extreme value memories.
○ Highly accurate, long term stability and insensitive to environment influences.
○ Good zero stability even when changing the measuring range Short response time ideal for assessment of fast processes.
○ Analog or digital display.
○ Connect to a controller or a computer via the digital output.
○ Analog output(optional).
○ Suitable for wall mounting.

At MRM, we provide the calibration and repair services for Mahr in Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga, and other places across Canada.

Some of the best Mahr Compact Amplifiers are C1240 Mahr Compact Amplifier Millimar, C1245 Mahr Compact Amplifier Millimar
and C1208 Mahr Compact Amplifier Millimar.

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