ergoPAK™ Portable Analysis Kit

The Essential Tool Kit for the Ergonomist
The ergoPAK™ Standard Package
The ergoPAK™ Portable Analysis Kit Standard Package is the essential tool kit, for collecting and analyzing field data under real job conditions and “real world” testing applications. It includes wireless sensors and software to measure and collect force, angle, and acceleration  readings in real time. ergoPAK™, now with completely wireless sensors allows for easy mobility and will capture data within 25 feet.  Test with a single ergoPAK™ sensor, or combine, mix and match sensors to support many measurement combinations. Each sensor is independently calibrated to make upgrading or replacement easy (Exception – Accelerometer not calibrated).
The FDC FET data collection software included with ergoPAK™ captures raw data from the sensor(s), while displaying a real-time graph of the data. Test data is saved in a .csv file format, that can be opened and reviewed for further analysis. Software is compatible with Windows Operating Systems XP and newer.

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