Measure Force Under Restrictive Conditions – GO for the GLOVE
The ergoGLOVE with Force Sensing Resistors is an ergonomic FSR sensor system and can be used to measure localized force between the body, fingers/hand and external surfaces and tools, or between two surfaces. The FSR Sensors are Thin, Flexible, Unobtrusive, and have minimal interference with action or performance. ergoGLOVE is well suited for various task and tool analysis, and product testing, and where the capabilities of the worker need to be compared to the actual job requirements.
Force Sensing Resistors are not a load cell or strain gauge device, though they have similar properties, and can provide a cost-effective alternative. The wireless capability of the ergoGLOVE allows free motion and data capture within a 25 feet. With the ergoGLOVE you can use 1 to 4 Force Sensing Resistors with wireless hub. It can be used as a standalone testing system or simultaneously with other ergoPAK™ sensors. The FDC FET data collection software included with ergoGLOVE captures raw data from the sensor(s), while displaying a real-time graph of the data. Test data is saved in a .csv file format, that can be opened and reviewed for further analysis. Software is compatible with Windows Operating Systems XP and newer.

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