MRM-DDS-307A Conductivity Meters

The JA series precise balances adopt electromagnetic balances sensor, equipped with characteristics such as high accuracy, well-adapted, linear four point calibration, counting, unit converting and so on.
I. Large screen and LCD segmented display.
II. It functions as automatic and manual temperature compensation.
III. If matched with the titanium allow sensor of 0.01cm-1 and sealed Measuring reservoir,it can test high purity water.
IV It is equipped with DJS-1C conductance sensor (platinum black) and T-818-B-6 temperature sensor.

Product Description

Technical Parameters
I. Measuring rang: Conductivity: 0.00μS/cm – 100μS/cm TSD: 0~1000mg/L Temperature: 0.0 – 60.0℃
II. Accuracy: Conductivity: ±0.5% FS TDS: ±1.0% FS Temperature: ±0.3℃±1 bit
III Temperature compensation range: Manual/automatic (0.0-40.0)℃
IV. Temperature compensation confficient: 2%
V. Power supply: AC(220±22)V ; (50±1)Hz
Notice: Conductance constant and corresponding conductivity measuring range.


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