DHD-1 Hand Dynamometers, Digital

The DHD-1 Digital Hand Dynamometer represents the latest electronic technology applied to the familiar design of Hydraulic Hand Dynamometers.
Utilizing electronic load cell transducers, instead of hydraulic fluid mechanisms that are prone to leakage, the DHD-1 is extremely durable and is designed to last for many years.

Range (0 to 90) kgs / (0 to 200) lbs
Resolution 0.1 lb
Accuracy ± 1% of Full Scale

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○ The data processing unit offers large 5.7-inch color graphic LCD touch-panel for superior readability and operability
○ The LCD also includes a backlight for improved visibility in dark environments
○ The excellent user interface provides intuitive and easy-to-understand operability
○ Complies with the following standards: JIS(JIS-B0601-2001, JIS-B0601-1994, JISB0601-1982), VDA, ISO- 1997, and ANSI
○ The Measure-Start and other frequently used buttons are strengthened to resist wear and the detrimental effects of workshop contaminants
○ Equipped with a large-capacity battery allowing approximately 1500 measurements when fully charged
○ Includes convenient carrying case for protection in the fieldr
○ A high-speed printer is built into the main unit. Either landscape or portfolio mode can be selected according to the application
○ Paper saving mode is supported
○ The display interface supports 16 languages, which can be easily switched
○ 10 sets of measurement conditions can be saved in the measurement unit–an optional memory card can save measurement conditions and the measured profile
Range (0 to 90) kgs / (0 to 200) lbs
Resolution 0.1 lb
Accuracy ± 1% of Full Scale
Strength measurement Highly accurate grip
Readings displayed LCD screen
Memory Up to 20 test results are stored for each hand
Battery Long lasting
Recharged Easily when it is connected to a PC
Included USB cable

Calibration and Repair Services

MRM provides Calibration and Repair Services for the
DHD-1 Hand Dynamometers, Digital

For a quote, please email us at  Service@MRMmetrology.com


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