AX/1/S Solartron Gauge Probe, Analog

In a conventional pencil probe the tip pushes outwards under the influence of an internal spring. When installed in a fixture it is frequently required to design a mechanism to bring the probe into contact with the piece part being gauged.
Allows the number of moving parts in a fixture to be reduced, resulting in improved reliability and reduce fixture costs. It also enables fast and safe automatic loading of components into a gauge when required.

Measuring Range 1 mm
Repeatability 0.15 µm
Accuracy ± 1 µm
Part Number 922499

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○ Traceability to NPL (National Physical Laboratory, UK)
○ Spring push; standard or with vacuum retract
○ Pneumatic push; standard, Feather Touch and Jet range
○ Spring push with integral DC:DC electronics
○ Special application probes
○ LVDT, Half Bridge or Digital (Orbit Network) interface
○ Tungsten Carbide, Nylon, Ruby or Silicon Nitride tips
○ Precision linear bearings
Part Number 922499
Model Number AX/1/S
Measuring Range 1 mm
Actuation Spring
Body Diameter 8 mm
Tip Force Axial
Tip Force 80 g
Environment General Purpose
Accuracy ± 1 µm
Repeatability 0.15 µm
Cable Type PUR
Tip Material Carbide
Tip Thread M2.5
Winding Full Bridge
Connection Standard

Calibration and Repair Services

MRM provides Calibration and Repair Services for the
AX/1/S Solartron Gauge Probe, Analog

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