832 PE/F1 Length Measuring Instrument, Compact (Millimar)

Range (mm):± 0.08 mm, ± 0.04 mm, ± 0.02 mm
Range (inch):± .003″, ± .0015″, ± .00075″
Graduation (micron):4 µm, 2 µm, 1 µm
Graduation (micro-inch):150 µ” , 75 µ” , 38 µ” inch
Error Limit:+/- 1 digit


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  • Digital and analog display in one unit
  • Large, high contrast digital display of the exact deviation from zero
  • Analog display of measurement related information
  • With its fixed ratio and controlled compressed air supply, the digital Dimensionair is a sturdy, reliable system for manufacturing environments
  • Only one standard needed for zero offset; the instrument is precalibrated for the correct ratio
  • Measuring ranges and resolutions for almost all measuring applications (including measuring equipment with 2, 3, 4 and 6 nozzles, air sensors and nozzle measuring probes, etc.)
  • Suitable for dynamic measurement
  • RS-232 output for communication with a data storage device, computer or printer, for statistical process control
  • Master deviation – improved measurement with even more accurate automatic zero offset

Range (mm)± 0.08 mm, ± 0.04 mm, ± 0.02 mm
Range (inch)± .003″, ± .0015″, ± .00075″
Graduation (micron)4 µm, 2 µm, 1 µm
Graduation (micro-inch)150 µ” , 75 µ” , 38 µ” inch
Error limit+/- 1 digit
Tolerance display5 LEDs
Dynamic functionsMax, Min, Max-Min
Statistical functionsActual value, nominal value
Response time digital display0.43 s
DisplayDisplay mode A (or A and B for 2 channel models only)
Data interfaceRS-232C
Control outputs5 TTL optocoupler outputs
Analog output±5 VDC at maximum amplitude of the selected measuring range for signal ±A, ±B
Energy supply110 V / 60 Hz, Power source
Operating temperature Min5 °C
Operating temperature Max35 °C
Product weight5 kg
Depth254 mm
Height197 mm
Width216 mm
DescriptionData collection with RS232 compatible devices
Cable Length3 m
Data InterfaceRS-232c, Null modem
Delivery Scope
  • Power Source
  • Supply Hose AHO-2
  • Adapter for pneumatic plug gages, Federal compatible


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