543-732B Mitutoyo Digimatic Indicator, 50.8 mm / 2″

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The 543-732B Digimatic Indicator has a compact design that is easy to use and read. The ID-C Indicator’s face can rotate 330° to enable easier readings on the large 9mm LCD display from nearly any angle. Large push buttons provide direct, easy access to all of the indicator’s functions, and the positive/negative count from the spindle’s up/down movement can be toggled. The ABSOLUTE sensor automatically restores the last origin position when the indicator is turned on, allowing for quick-start operation which is useful in multipoint measurements.

Made in Japan and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
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1 year warranty

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○ Similar in size to Series 2 dial indicators
○ As compact as standard Series 2 dial indicators
○ Large, easy-to-read LCD
○ GO/±NG judgment can be performed by setting upper and lower tolerance limits
○ The judgment result (GO/±NG) can be displayed in full-size characters
○ The positive/negative count resulting from the spindle’s up/down movement can be toggled
○ Internal calculations using the simple formula of [F(x)=Ax)] are available
○ Employing the ABSOLUTE linear encoder, the ID-C always displays the spindle “Absolute Position” from the origin at power-on
○ Unlimited response speed eliminates over-speed errors
○ The ID-C indicator face can be rotated 330° to an appropriate angle for easy reading
○ With SPC data output
○ Origin-set/Preset, Zeroset, GO/±NG judgment, Counting direction switching, Power ON/OFF
○ Data output,inch/mm conversion (on inch/metric models only)
○ Alarm: Low voltage, Counting value composition error, Over-flow error
○ Tolerance limit setting error Internal calculations using the simple formula of [F(x)=Ax)] are available
Range (0 to 50.8) mm , (0 to 2)”
Resolution 0.00002″, 0.00005″, 0.0001″, 0.0005″
0.0005 mm , 0.0001 mm , 0.01 mm
Accuracy ± 0.00020″ , 0.005 mm
Length Standard ABSOLUTE electrostatic capacitance type linear encoder
Max. Response Speed Unlimited
Measuring Force 2.3 N or less
Battery (938882) SR44 (1 pc.)
H MPE (Hysteresis) 0.00008″ , 0.002 mm
R MPE (Repeatability) 0.00008″ , 0.002 mm
Battery Life Approx. 2700 hours (continuous use)
Protection IP42
Type ASME / ANSI / AGD Standard
Scale Electrostatic capacitance type absolute linear encoder
Display LCD , character height 11 mm, 330° rotatable
Measurement frequency (MAX/MIN/RANGE) 50 times/s
Alarm Low voltage , setting errors, sensor error, display overflow a.s.o.
Stem Ø 9.52 mm
Contact point Carbide ball , thread: No.4-48UNF
Power supply 1 battery CR2032
Mass 260 g

Optional Accessories
06AGL011 Digimatic Cable, Straight, 1m
06AGL021 Digimatic Cable, Straight, 2m
06AGQ001F USB Input Tool Direct, Indicator Type
264-020 USB Input Tool Interface Box
264-623 U-WAVE fit, Buzzer Type (not IP rated)
264-622 U-WAVE fit, IP67 Type
264-627 U-WAVE fit Bluetooth, Buzzer Type (not IP rated)
264-626 U-WAVE fit Bluetooth, IP67 Type
02AZG011 U-WAVE-T Connection Cable SF
02AZF670 U-WAVE fit Transmitter Mounting Plate

○ A Certificate of Calibration is included when calibration services are ordered from MRM Metrology Inc.
○ Use CAL 543-732B when requesting calibration services from MRM Metrology.


Calibration and Repair Services

MRM provides Calibration and Repair Services for the
543-732B Mitutoyo Digimatic Indicator

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