422-421 Mitutoyo Blade Micrometer

The 422-421 Micrometer Blade utilizes a blade anvil and spindle for measuring difficult pieces such as groove diameters of shafts and keyways. The non-rotating spindle reduces torsion on softer parts being measured and prevents workpiece deformation and wear. A ratchet-stop mechanism provides uniform pressure on a workpiece for precise, repeatable measurements. Readings are displayed on an easy-to-read LCD readout.

It comes with one year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
Shop for 422-421 at MRM Metrology and CAL 422-421 for ordering calibration services.

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○ The Quickmike blade micrometer provides a speedy spindle feed of 10mm / 0.4” per thimble rotation compared to the conventional micrometer with 0.5mm / 0.025” per rotation
○ Ratchet thimble allows for easy single-hand use when measuring objects
○ ABSOLUTE (ABS) linear scale eliminates the need for setting the origin point every time the micrometer is powered on
○ Elimination of overspeed errors provides higher measurement reliability and repeatability
○ SPC output function allows for quick and easy data management in real time
○ Functions include Origin Set, Zero/ABS Setting, Data Hold, Data Output, Function Lock and inch/mm conversion
○ Alarm: Low Voltage, Counting Value Composition Error
○ Knurled friction thimbles provide quick adjustments even when wearing gloves
○ Satin chrome finish on the sleeve and laser etched measurements on thimble for easier reading
○ Frame has a non-slip finish for better grip in shop environments
○ Supplied in fitted plastic case
○ IP54 protection resists debris, dust and water
Range (0 to 30.48) mm / (0 to 1.2)”
Resolution 0.001 mm / 0.00005″
Accuracy ± 3µm / ± 0.00015″
Remarks Type A
Mass 350 g
Parallelism 0.003 mm / 0.00012″
Display LCD

Mitutoyo Micrometer Blade

Mitutoyo Micrometer Blade
Battery (938882) SR44 (1 pc)
Battery Life Approx. 5 years under normal use
05CZA662 SPC cable with data switch (1m / 40”)
05CZA663 SPC cable with data switch (2m / 80”)

Calibration and Repair Services

MRM provides Calibration and Repair Services for the
422-421 Mitutoyo Micrometer, Blade

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