129-111 Mitutoyo Mechanical Depth Micrometer, 100mm

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The 129-111 Interchangeable Rod-Type Depth Micrometer offers great versatility for measuring a range of depths with the included extension rod. The Depth Micrometer’s rod contact measuring point is lapped and carbide tipped for incredible flatness and better precision. The ratchet stop mechanism provides uniform pressure for precise, repeatable measurements.

It comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
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○ Available in Metric model
○ Metric models are available in ranges: (0 to 50)mm, (0 to 100)mm, and 150mm
○ Inch models are available in ranges: (0 to 4)”, (0 to 6)” and (0 to 12)”
○ With ratchet stop for constant force
Range (0 to 100) mm
Graduation 0.01 mm
Accuracy ± 3µm
Unit Metric
Flatness of reference surface base 1.3µm
Flatness of measuring face 0.3µm
Parallelism between reference face and measuring rod face: (4+L/50) µm, L=Max. measuring length (mm)
Zero point error of rods 4µm
Rod quantity 4
Measuring rod diameter 4mm
Base size 63.5 x 16mm

○ A Certificate of Calibration is included when calibration services are ordered from MRM Metrology Inc.
○ Use CAL 129-111 when requesting calibration services from MRM Metrology.

Calibration and Repair Services

MRM provides Calibration and Repair Services for the
129-111 Mitutoyo Mechanical Depth Micrometer

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