mrm-dfs1000 force gauge

MRM-DFS1000-PLUS Force Gauge, Digital

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MRM-DFS are your economical and good for most force testing. Rechargeable battery operated, or AC adapter operated. Compatible with common test stands and grips. It is engineered to satisfy any force testing requirement. Choose from our best valued MRM-DFS model, or high accuracy advanced features MRM-DFT model.


Range(0 to 224.80) lbf
Resolution0.05 lbf
Accuracy± 0.2 % of Full Scale
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○ Strong metal enclosures
○ High-resolution graphical display screen, with backlighting and reverse viewing
○ Menu driven with many advance functions not found in similar class gauges
○ Both USB or RS232 communication ports come as standard
○ 500 memory records with easy transfer of data to the computer
○ Select from two software for plotting and analyzing data
○ Reliable and proven quality
○ Expand the power of testing with the computer software
○ Q-Graph. A real-time plot of force vs time. Ideal for profile viewing of individual tests
○ Q-Data. Collect and manage test data stored. Analyze and compare your reading of batch tests
Range(0 to 224.80) lbf
Resolution0.05 lbf
Accuracy± 0.2 % of Full Scale
A/D Rate4,000 Hz
Effective Peak0.1 sec
FunctionsAuto-off, pass/fail, reverse display and blacklight
Tension & Compression TestingBoth
Overload Protection120 % minimum
Display TypeDot Matrix LCD
Data CollectionRS 232
Weight775 g / 27 oz. 500 N below 37 oz (1060 g) 1000N and above
Operating Temperature(15 to 35)⁰C / (60 F to 95)⁰F
Load BarShows load percentage to minimize overloads
WarrantyOne year (parts and labour)
Model No.mNNkNgfozfozflbf
MRM-DFS5-PLUS5000 x 15 x 0.001509.8 x 0.10.5098 x 0.000117.980 x 0.0051.1240 x 0.0002
MRM-DFS10-PLUS10000 x 210 x 0.0021019.6 x 0.21.0196 x 0.000235.96 x 0.012.2480 x 0.0005
MRM-DFS20-PLUS20000 x 520 x 0.0052039.0 x 0.52.0390 x 0.000571.92 x 0.024.496 x 0.001
MRM-DFS50-PLUS50 x 0.015098 x 15.098 x 0.001179.80 x 0.0511.240 x 0.002
MRM-DFS100-PLUS100 x 0.0210196 x 210.196 x 0.002359.6 x 0.122.480 x 0.005
MRM-DFS200-PLUS200 x 0.0520390 x 520.390 x 0.005719.2 x 0.244.96 x 0.01
MRM-DFS500-PLUS500 x 0.10.500 x 0.000150985 x 550.98 x 0.011798 x 0.5112.40 x 0.02
MRM-DFS1000-PLUS1000 x 0.21 x 0.0002101.96 x 0.02719.2 x 0.2224.80 x 0.05
MRM-DFS3000-PLUS3000 x 13 x 0.001305.9 x 0.01674.4 x 0.2
BatteryRechargeable battery or AC power adapter
Battery Charge20 hours full operation from full charge
AC Power Adapter(110 volts US plug or 220 volts EU plug)
Sharp PointCompression plate and hook
CasePlastic carrying case
OptionalTest stands, popular grip assortment

Calibration and Repair Services

MRM provides Calibration and Repair Services for the
MRM-DFS1000-PLUS Force Gauge, Digital

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