ES30/M2-100 Mark-10 Test Stand/Force Gauge


The M2-100 Test Stand is designed for tension and compression force testing applications with safe overload protection to 200% of its capacity. Peak tension and compression readings are easily obtained. An ergonomic, reversible aluminum housing allows for hand-held use or fixture mounting, rugged enough for applications in both production and laboratory environments.

The ES30 Force Test Stand is a versatile and economical solution for most compression and tensile testing applications. It accepts a variety of sample shapes and sizes and can be configured in many positions due to modular design. Precision hand-wheel operation enables the user to easily and accurately test up to 200 lbf (1 kN) of force
Made in the USA and comes with a three year manufacturer’s warranty.
Shop for MRM ES30/M2-100 at MRM Metrology and CAL ES30/M2-100 when ordering calibration services.

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Force Gauge
○ Calculates peak tension and compression values
○ 3 selectable units of measurement: N, lbf, kgf
○ Ultra-compact, ergonomic housing
○ Configurable default measurement unit and mode
○ 500 Hz sampling rate
○ Large, backlit graphic display with auto-dimming
○ Powered by 9V battery or available AC adapter
○ Reversible housing for alternate load cell orientation
Test Stand
○ Mounting holes for bench mounting modular design: base may be removed and the stand may be used as part of a larger system. It also provides for alternative mounting
○ Removable base plate with 25 #10-32 threaded holes for fixture mounting
○ Competitor force gauge mounting kits are available
Force Gauge
Capacity x Resolution 500 x 0.5 N ; 100 x 0.1 lbf ; 50 x 0.05 kgf
Accuracy ± 0.5% of Full Scale
Sampling Rate 500 hZ
Power AC or 9V non-rechargeable battery, with multi-step low battery indicator
Backlight On Up to 24 hours
Backlight Off Up to 92 hours
Units of Measurement N, lbf, kgf
Safe Overload Protection 200% of Full Scale (Display shows “OVER” at 110% and above)
Weight 0.33 kg / 0.7 lb
Included Items 9V battery, quick-start guide, resource CD, certificate of conformance
Environmental Requirements (40 to 100)°F, max. 96% humidity, non-condensating
Manufacturer’s Warranty 3 years (See individual statement for further details)
Test Stand
Maximum Force 200 lbf / 1 kN
Maximum Travel 13″ / 330 mm
Travel Rate 0.05″ / 1.27 mm hand-wheel revolution
Manufacturer’s Warranty 3 years (See individual statement for further details)
Force Gauge Load Cell Thread
M2-2 – M2-100 #10-32 UNF

Test Stand in [mm]

Included Items for Force Gauge
AC1030 AC Power Adapter
08-1026 Rechargeable Battery (Installed in Force Gauge)
Optional Items for Force Gauge
AC1030 AC adapter, 110V US
AC1031 AC adapter, 220V Euro
AC1032 AC adapter, 220V UK
AC1035 AC adapter, 220V Australian
12-1049 Carrying Case
AC1052 Mounting Plate Kit
G1038 Medium Hook, #10-32M (requires G1039)
G1039 Coupling, #10-32F/F
G1029 Flat Head, #10-32F
G1026 Cone, #10-32F
G1025 Chisel Point, #10-32F
G1027 V-groove, #10-32F
G1024 Extension Rod, 5″, #10-32F
23-1031-2 Attachments Kit (G1024 through G1038)
A wide range of test stands and gripping fixtures
Attachments: Available individually or as a kit. Select from a hook, flat, cone, chisel, v-groove and extension rod
AC Adapters: Select from 110V US, 220V Euro, 220V UK or 220V Australian
Carrying Case: Cushioned hard plastic carrying case provides storage space for the gauge, AC adapter and attachments
Mounting Plate: For mounting Mark-10 gauges to a fixture or testing system. Includes mounting hardware. Note: Gauge mounting plates are included with Mark-10 test stands
Included Items for Test Stand
G1024 2” Extension Rod
G1028 Small Hook
G1038 Medium Hook
G1009 2” Diameter Compression Plate
G1039 Coupling, #10-32F/F
G1030 Thread Adapter, 5/16-18M to #10-32F
Allen Wrench Set
4 Thumb Screw for Force Gauge

Calibration and Repair Services

MRM provides Calibration and Repair Services for the
ES30/M2-100 Mark-10 Test Stand/Force Gauge

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