5056 ergoFET Push and Pull Force Gauge


Gauge Measures both Push and Pull Forces up to 300 Pounds

ergoFET is a cost-effective and ergonomically designed handheld force gauge that makes testing easier and more closely simulates actual job tasks for one-hand push test applications. ergoFET, with its compact design and included assortment of test attachments, allows to perform tests for a wide variety of applications.
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○ Force Gauge Designed for Ergonomic and Engineering Applications
○ Measure push & pull forces
○ Easy To Read LCD Displays Show Peak Force and Elapsed Time
○ Available FET Data Collection Software Automatically Tracks and Analyses Test Data
Capacity (0 to 300) lbf
Resolution 0.1 lbf
Accuracy Within 1% of the Reading
Units of measure pounds (lbf), Newtons (N), or kilogram-force (kgf)
Low Threshold (0.8 to 300) lbf
High Threshold (3.0 to 300) lbf
Stores Up to 30 tests
Battery Uses rechargeable lithium ion battery
Battery Life Self-activating “sleep” mode after 3 minutes of non-use to extend battery life
○ Push attachments include: flat pad, curved pad, and digit pad
○ Pull attachments include: open end stationary hook and snap hook, 16 inch strap with D rings, one hand handle, 4 inch extension post and adapter base ; wall pack power supply, calibration certificate, and carrying case
○ Year standard warranty is included, with extended warranties available
○ Available FET Data Collection software is compatible with Windows operating systems XP or newer

Calibration and Repair Services

MRM provides Calibration and Repair Services for the
5056 ergoFET Push and Pull Force Gauge

For a quote, please email us at  Service@MRMmetrology.com


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