DMS 680HA Microrep Universal Length Measuring System

For periodic inspection of gauges, reference gauges, masters and different gauges. Full compliance to Abbe’s comparator principle, constant measurement pressure and adjustable work table for easy location of inversion point.
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○ Plain gauge: Inspection of plain plug and plain ring gage
○ Thread gauge: Inspection of thread plug, thread ring and pipe thread gauge
○ Spline gauge: Inspection of internal and external spline gauge
○ Instruments: Inspection of indicator, lever type indicator, micrometer and bore gauge
○ Full compliance to Abbe’s comparator principle
○ Constant measurement pressure
○ Adjustable work table for easy location of inversion point
○ Heidenhain special glass scale
○ PC direct reading with automatic detection of maximum and minimum value
○ Gauge management and measurement software
○ Gauge calibration software guiding the operator through all measuring procedures
○ Automatic real time temperature compensation
Range of Applications
External Plain (0 to 680) mm / (0 to 27)”
Internal Plain (1 to 480) mm / (0.04 to 19)”
External Thread (0 to 480) mm / (0 to 19)”
Internal Thread (3 to 400) mm / (0.12 to 16)”
Measuring Range, Absolute 100 mm / 4″
Measuring Range, Differential 680 mm | 1000 mm / 27″ | 40″
Resolution 0.01 µm / 0.000001″
Accuracy 0.10 + L/2000 µm / 0.000006″
Load Capacity 11 kg / 25 lb
Dimensions (1300 x 400 x 480) mm / (51 x 16 x 19)”
Weight 110 kg / 240 lb
Measuring Force (0 to 11) N / (0 to 2.5) lb


Plain Plug Gauge Measurement

The movements of the work table allows high speed location of the inversion point

Thread Plug Gauge Measurement

Three wire method. Calibrated wires are part of the standard equipment included with the machine

Workshop Gauge Block Inspection

The inspection is carried out by comparison with master gage block

Plain Ring Gauge Measurement

Plain ring inspection is easy and accurate

Thread Ring Gauge Measurement

The standard device includes 12 pairs of spheres for internal thread measurement. Range: (14 to 90) mm / (0.5 to 3.5)”

Small Ring Measurement Device

The measurement is carried out with zero contact force. Minimum diameter: 1 mm / 0.04″

Snap Gauge Measurement

Snap gauges are placed on a special holder

External Micrometer Inspection

Micrometer head verification

Dial Indicator Inspection

Inspection of digital comparator, dial indicator and lever type probe

Temperature Compensation

Standard included. The temperature compensation device allows:
○ Direct compensation of the environmental temperature
○ High thermal stability
○ High accuracy in critical temperature conditions up to 28°C / 82°F
○ Direct reading of the temperature on the PC screen


MicroNet – Gauge Management

Software standard included with the machine. MicroNet software allows to store gages into the database, automatic tolerance calculation, etc

MicroNet – Gauge Measurement

Software standard included with the machine. MicroNet software provides real time reading, thread formulae, automatic certificate printout, etc

Small Plain Ring Electronic Device

An electronic lever probe device with spherical-end stylus, allows fast measurement of small plain ring gauges. Note: the standard machine includes a manual system (small ring device) to measure small plain ring gauge

Big Thread Ring Device

To extend measurement range of thread ring gages up to 400 mm / 16″

T-sphere (small thread ring) Device

The device allows to measure thread ring down to 3 mm / 0.12″. Working field: (3 to 90) mm / (0.12 to 3.5)”. Note: smaller spheres available on request

Pitch Measurement Device

Internal and External thread pitch verification

Extra Weight System

Optional extra weights to change the measurement force

Spline Gauge Device

Gauge with involute profile inspection

The instrument is connected to a PC for direct reading of current value. The software (included standard) provides a unique support for gauge management fulfilling norms requirements.

○ The operator is fully guided through all measurement procedures
○ Automatic tolerances calculation is performed
○ Threads formulae are evaluated
○ Complete gauge records are provided including calibration date, location, cost centre, procedure and standard
○ Gauges can be sorted according to due date, type, department, cost centre and nominal dimension
○ The procedure can be recalled and displayed during the measurement process
○ Master gauges are managed with last calibration date and automatic notification of due date
○ Provides full traceability of gauge history: each measurement is recorded with the operator, the master gauge, the machine and the equipment used for the inspection
○ Temperature compensation function

Calibration and Repair Services

MRM provides Calibration and Repair Services for the
DMS 680HA Microrep Universal Length Measuring System

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