178-533-02A Mitutoyo SJ-500P Surface Roughness Tester

The 178-533-02A Surface Roughness is a high-precision and high-performance surface roughness tester with a dedicated control unit, achieving user-friendly display and simple operation. The portable SJ-500P surface tester provides highly accurate analysis of surface roughness and fine contours.

It comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty.

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○ The SJ-500 is the portable version of the desktop SV-2100 surface roughness tester
○ Supports measurement in the axial direction by swiveling detector through 90° to analyze shrouded features such as crankshafts
○ Vertical adjustment knob helps to safely position the stylus close to the workpiece and measure inside small holes
○ Digital Adjustment Tilting (DAT) function makes leveling of workpieces ±1.5° easier and more efficient
○ Highly visible, 7.5-inch TFT LCD color display and touch-operated panel provides user friendly, easy operability
○ Dedicated control unit’s built-in joystick allows for quick, easy position
○ Simple input function allows inputs according to drawing instruction symbols of ISO/JIS roughness standards for simple settings of surface roughness measuring conditions
178-085 Manual column stand
178-081 Auto-leveling table
178-048 DAT leveling table
178-043-1 Leveling table (with analog heads)
178-042-1 Leveling table (with digital heads)
211-032 Quick chuck
211-031 Micro-chuck
178-047 3-axis adjustment table:

Calibration and Repair Services

MRM provides Calibration and Repair Services for the
178-533-02A Mitutoyo SJ-500P Surface Roughness Tester

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